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Little thought, little planning, and zero pain, sets an Eater free.

I want a diet with foods I can digest. I want a diet which I can both work and exercise with; which gives me energy, strength, focus, and stamina. I want a diet which SETS ME FREE. And you know what? Beyond a certain stage, I don't want to have to think about it. How's that for an aim?
Help create a website which will help us to do just this: like this page.


1. There are no rules. Only guidance.
2. There is no perfect diet. There is only variety, and your diet. Learn about the others. Choose the best theories. 
3. Find pain-free foods.
4. Choose the rules from the diets or theories you favour. Add your own rules, but don't call them all rules unless you're being really strict. Call them guidance. Make a guidebook to the universe of you and your stomach. Your guidebook will make it easier to eat in and out and about. 
5. Find variety that works for you.
6. Make use of The Ultimate Meal Plan (the terrible names may vary...): a database in which foods are colour-coded according to when, how, and with what you can eat your foods. Foods are also labelled according to whether they are 'staples,' 'fillers,' or 'flavours' so that you don't need to worry about planning meals ever again.
7. Find your freedom.
8. Get out and live. Keep your guidebook by your side, along with some delicious pain-free food. 

Along the way, join a community of Freedom Eaters, people who are searching for a way to have no pain from symptoms or thought or planning from the attention required by digestive complaints and medical conditions in which diet plays a part. These people want to find advice which relates to them. We want to get out and live, with pain-free food by our sides.  

This is just another dieting website.
This is just another health blog.
This needs science behind it.
This needs a professional behind it.
This is for only those eating Paleo.
This is for those with stomach conditions.
This is for those with multiple health conditions.
This is for those trying to find the right diet for them.
This is for those with health conditions affected by food.
This is for those who need to eat little and often.
This is for those with strict diets who want to stop thinking about when, how, and with what they can eat foods.
This is for those who want to feel good after a meal out. 
This is for students and others who want to eat well, push limits, and feel good for less money.
This is for people who don't have time to research, but still want to find their own way.
This is for those who are trying to have more energy, be healthier, fitter, faster, stronger, pay attention, feel awesome, feel free, get out.
This is not for everyone.


- the Forum here -

If you go back to the Index on that Forum you may be able to see what I'm intending to do here: the various different theories of a 'perfect' diet will be explained through extensive research, criticised through research surrounding theories which are contradictory, and essentially 'put to the test' by inviting people to comment on their experiences on those diets. Proponents of each diet/leaders of websites which propose certain diets will be invited to talk about their diets and further encouraged to determine who their diet might be best for (as no diet is perfect for everyone). It will be especially useful for those of us with multiple health conditions who find that diet advice is contradictory (eat this if you have this condition, but don't eat it if you have this condition. What if I have both?). 

- I hope to have a tool in which the rules of each diet (i.e. what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat foods) are separated and individuals can pick which rules they want to follow. Using my own example, I follow the Paleo diet but not the rule that it's okay to fast sometimes. I then combine this diet with some rules from Raw and Hay diets, and tweak Paleo to the Perfect Health Diet, in which the rule is to eat more starches. 

This tool should allow people to create a diet which suits their health conditions and lifestyle, taking note of the fact that there are a huge amount of diets out there and not every one can be perfect. Through the tool you can also add your own rules, for example I would add rules which tell me to eat every three hours and to eat simple meals. 

- I hope this tool will produce a cool little 'guidebook' (point 4) which can expand in detail. I have a small filofax with a list of foods which are colour-coded and have extra information according to how, when, and with what I can eat them. This is great because it means I can look up a food and know everything I've recorded about how that food is likely to digest if I eat it with food X. 

- A database. The Ultimate Personalised Meal Plan.
Point 6 refers to the database I've created, which will hopefully be more expansive when the website is complete. The database takes the information out of my guidebook (the colour codes and food lists) so that I can choose a food type or a meal type (breakfast/lunch/dinner/mid-morning/mid-afternoon/evening snacks) and build the rest of the meal according to my own rules. This creates meal plans which are personalised, and there will be a function to allow individuals to change colour codes and foods or add their own, creating their own personalised meal plan. 

The final aim of the site is to help people stop researching and get out and about, with pain-free foods in their bags. 


- A visual representation of a supermarket which shows people where foods are which they may want to eat. This is mostly useful for those eating Paleo, I think.

- A photo blog,, not yet set up, which highlights the need for us to pay attention to ingredients. I've picked up a packet of cooked chicken in a supermarket before and seen at least five ingredients which have absolutely nothing to do with chicken!

- Some help pages, health pages, and reviews of various things I've tried on my own blog. 

- A community blog and photo upload ability, for people to share their FREEDOM EATING ways!

Like the page or this post to make it happen.



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