Thursday, 13 December 2012

Why Tweaking the Paleo Diet is Necessary: 48 Things Palaeolithic People Didn't Do

The Paleo diet is great, but I'm not sure how much I agree with the idea that nothing has changed sinced the days of our ancestors. Perhaps biologically we are very much the same, but our lifestyles are vastly different. Does this not affect the way our body functions? Palaeolithic people didn't:
  1. Read
  2. Write fiction
  3. Drive/fly (not without machines, you understand)
  4. Play games
  5. Write articles or non-fiction
  6. Write academic essays
  7. Do maths
  8. Go to school
  9. Watch TV
  10. Use electronics
  11. Live on Facebook
  12. Live on Second Life
  13. Research on the Internet
  14. Exhaust themselves clothes-shopping
  15. Exhaust themselves food-shopping
  16. Stand in queues
  17. Stand (or sit) on the Underground/Metro
  18. Stop mid-walk to take a photograph
  19. Puzzle with a map
  20. Use a microwave: food was freshly made and prepared, and took time to cook over a fire.
  21. Use an oven
  22. Use a fridge
  23. Use a kettle
  24. Take a bus
  25. Take synthetic medications
  26. Watch a film
  27. Go to the cinema
  28. Go to the theatre
  29. Take a plane
  30. Travel to colder climates
  31. Travel to warmer climates
  32. Use money
  33. Play cards
  34. Play board games
  35. Go to casinos
  36. Go bowling
  37. Cycle
  38. Use a gym
  39. Inhale fumes from factories, cars, planes, etc
  40. Do 'manly' things, if they were women. Women might cook, clean, bear and look after children, catch fish, collect vegetables, and do some manual labour. 
  41. Do 'feminine' things, if they were men. 
  42. Use plastics -
  43. Have access to foods from all over the world, all seasons: they ate what was available in their area at a given time of year.
  44. Grow up eating sweets, crisps, chocolate bars, ice creams, prepared foods....
  45. Eat gluten
  46. Survive medical conditions and diseases which could not be treated by jungle (natural) medicine.
  47. Write a silly blog post about all the things they don't do.
  48. Have a desk job
Have I missed any?

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