Friday, 3 August 2012

Understanding My Condition

If I ate badly then I would most probably not be able to digest anything. And then I would probably be diagnosed with something different, perhaps something more serious, or perhaps the more serious version of my condition. Perhaps I would need a pacemaker because I would have ruined my stomach entirely. I'm not saying that people with these more serious conditions have ruined their stomachs, but I am suggesting that motility disorders and preprandrial bradygastrias, particularly when combined with the symptom of regurgitation or acid reflux, have the potential to be much more worse. If my stomach is in a bad state, I might, say, bring up a bit of water in the car on the way home, or bring up the water I take first thing in the morning. Might I, one day, bring up the pill I take at around the same time?

If I let my stomach get worse and worse, I will bring up it all.

I need to acknowledge that this condition can become pretty bad. Just like if I stop taking my thyroid meds in the morning, I will get worse and worse, if I lose control of what I eat, I will also be worse and worse. Food hurts me, but I also need it. Food is my medicine, and like any medicine with rules surrounding how, when, and with what should you take it, so too does food require as much attention.

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