Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Big Shop. Small Fridge.

It's amazing how excited I was at the fact that I managed to fit it all in.

As a student in a house of five with a standard-sized fridge/freezer between us all, I am quite used to hogging my half a shelf whilst doing my utmost to not intrude on the other half.

Given this, my walk around Tescos is usually accompanied with mild paranoia and frequent squeals by my conscience of 'there's no room! There's no room!' which I end up, on occassion -- like any one put in a good mood by the presence of good food -- ignoring.

Arriving back home, then, following my rule of 'doing my utmost,' usually involves opening all the bags of vegetables, squeezing out the air, and then tieing them tightly with elastic bands; emptying fruit into a single container; ordering everything like a jigsaw puzzle; and when things get really tough....putting everything into tuppaware. No one has ever spent as many minutes unpacking food as I have.

Still, although I may have gone slightly over my half-a-shelf line this time (as you can see from the pot of yoghurt...and the eggs on the shelf above), the tuppaware strategy worked. So my tip? Always buy a big set of tuppaware (for all of a pound from IKEA), and never think you have to buy presized portions of fresh food simply because you are pushed for space.

Now I really hope I don't need that box of salad underneath everything else anytime soon...

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