Tuesday, 5 June 2012


If you're stuck with any of the following moans and groans or symptoms, this health blog may be a place to check in every once and a while: 

  • regurgitation (not sick or acid reflux)
  • having to eat little and often
  • ensuring there are enough vitamins and nutrients in your diet
  • motility conditions - in which you absorb foods at weird rates and can't take meals which have a large variety of ingredients in them, particularly if liquids are combined with solids.
  • prepandrial bradygastria (my condition) or rhythmic disorders of the gut/stomach 
IBS and other bowl conditions may also share some - but not all - symptoms. 

My theory is that for those of us with these conditions/symptoms, there is no single cure, and thus no single theory of how to deal with it. Along with my own experimenting, I will be referring to some theories and books - the paleo diet, the hay diet and general food combining, and others - but I will be taking out bits from each one, and finding something which works for people who need the easily digestible foods on the paleo diet, but who also need easily accessible foods (i.e. from a supermarket) which are also affordable and do not fill up a fridge or a cupboard. 

The aim is always to find the ultimate 'perfect' diet which doesn't budge no matter how hard it's nudged. In reality though, this 'perfect' diet may need to change, or be redrawn, year on year due to a change in routine, activity level, the notorious 'H' for hormone, or even the weather which influences Vitamin D levels and, y'know, whether you want a hot drink or a cold one. The real aim then, most only be to find the most easily adaptable diet, or to understand your body/stomach well enough to know what you need and what you simply can't take. 

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